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Digestive system – 4F

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4F learnt all about the digestive system this week! Can you remember the functions of all the different parts?

Google Expeditions!

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We were very lucky to have a member of Google Expeditions visit us today in Moss Park. Look as we used the virtual reality headsets to explore: The Great Barrier Reef The Galapagos Islands Angel Falls in Venezuela The Moon (in Space 🙂 ) The Taj Mahal   Wh ere else could this technology take […]

Sign language club

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A huge well done to everybody in the first sign language club who can now communicate for half an hour- in complete silence! Here we are doing ‘sign language speed dating!’


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This week in RE year 4 have been learning all about Humanism. We had lots of fun testing our knowledge using the Kahoot quiz!

From food to faeces!

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We had a very messy Science lesson in 4I this week! Here we are using a banana sandwich, scissors, washing up liquid, vinegar, food colouring, a sandwich bag and a pair of tights (!) to model the digestive system. Can you remember what the tights represented? 4F can look forward to this lesson next week! […]

Different types of teeth

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We have learnt so much about teeth recently! Here we used play dough to model the different types of teeth humans (including animals) have. incisors canines pre-molars molars. Can you remember the function of the molars?

Bar charts and pictograms

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See what you can learn through these fun Maths games!

All about teeth

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Investigating tooth decay

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This week we carried out an investigation into tooth decay. We put eggs into milk, orange juice and cola. Egg shells represent teeth because they have similar levels of calcium. What do you think the eggs might look like next week? Can you remember the three different types of variables? Comment below!

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