Statutory spelling games

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Learn your statutory spellings with the word search, the bouncing anagram or the Against the Clock game! Click through the different pages that list the words by their first letters.

Eco-friendly cities

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Check out the top eco-cities in the world. Could we develop their ideas when planning our own cities?

Spelling game- ly words

Uncategorized 1 Comment » Look at the words on the left and see if you can find them in the bouncing anagrams!

Sign language club 2

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Congratulations to everybody in the second sign language club, who can now have a full conversation in sign language!


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4I writing lots of similes, metaphors and personification phrases for our Take One Picture week art work!

Air and water investigation

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This week we were amazed to see what happened when we put Miss Isbister’s £10 note into a bucket of water!! What happened when the cup tipped?

Shading using perspective

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4I enjoying drawing and shading in the sun 🙂

Maths games!

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