Air and water investigation

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This week we were amazed to see what happened when we put Miss Isbister’s £10 note into a bucket of water!!

What happened when the cup tipped?

Shading using perspective

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4I enjoying drawing and shading in the sun 🙂

Maths games!

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Can you match the equivalent fractions?

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Using an interface to access database information

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In Computing we have been learning all about databases.

This week, we will be using a real life database to plan a holiday! To make our online searches easier, we can use an interface. This separates the information and just shows us the parts that we want.

Remember- never add any personal information to websites (including names or email addresses)

Triangle and quadrilateral fun!

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Here we are making triangles and quadrilaterals using Geoboards and elastic bands.

Which shape was the trickiest to make?
Which shape was the trickiest to identify?

The Great Kapok Tree

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Here we are asking questions all about our new book ‘The Great Kapok Tree.’

What did you ask?

Tudor Day 4F

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Although go a little late, here are some pictures from our brilliant Tudor Day!

Tudor Day 4I

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Although a little late, here are some pictures from our brilliant Tudor Day!

Stories From Other Cultures

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To write a good story you have to do your research!

What can you find out about the Amazon Rainforest?

What Is Deforestation For Kids: Information And Facts

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